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Happy 2017!

Ann-Marie Powell Gardens wishes you an exciting, vibrant, healthy 2017! 

{photo credit: VectorOpenS}

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Merry Christmas from Ann-Marie Powell Gardens!

Ann-Marie Powell Gardens wishes you a very happy, bright, cheerful Christmas!

{Photo credit:Petr Kratochvil}

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Ann-Marie Powell is appointed Patron of Green Fingers Society at the Garden Media Guild Awards

It has been a superb year for the Garden Media Guild Awards:

on November the 24th at the prestigious Savoy Hotel a mix of talented rising stars and well-known names such as Val Bourne, Sarah Price, Ian Hodgson, Jason Ingram and Clive Nichols, amongst many more, took turn to the stage to receive the much coveted GMG awards,

presented by Carol Klein, Ann-Marie Powell, Richard Jackson and Andrea Jones.

And at the end of the award ceremony, Ann-Marie Powell was pleased and proud to be appointed a Patron of Greenfingers, an amazing charity that works tirelessly to support children in hospices, and their families.


{Our fashionable principal announcing one of the 2016 winners. Photo courtesy of Jayne Lloyd -

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Autumn: few of our favourite things...Welcoming wildlife.

We love wildlife and to continue our 'Autumn: Some of our favorite things' series, this week we share some tips on how to look after our overwintering feathered friends!

 Robin in the snow

{photo credit: magnus manske via wikimedia}

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Autumn: few of our favourite things ... Here come the bulbs!

As summer flowers fade and fizzle, a delivery of fat, plump bulbs offers the promise of Spring and beyond. There’s something rather wonderful about planting the heart of an unseen flower in Autumn, to be forgotten about for months until bulbs burst into colour into the Spring, long before most plants awake from their Winter slumber. Easy to grow, inexpensive and requiring a minimum of space, whether you garden is large or small, in town or country, now’s the time to add bulbs to your borders, pots or into your lawn.

 Tulipa 'Princess Irene'


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