Ann-Marie Powell's Garden Design Portfolio

Walled garden, country garden, courtyard, roof garden, slick urban, cottage garden, kitchen, cutting edge or edible, we've designed them all. We've created outdoor spaces for living, relaxing, playing and entertaining in our signature contemporary gardens infused with naturalistic style.

All our gardens have been designed to suit the specific requirements of each client, from the selection of plants to the lighting scheme, the choice of materials, pots and furniture, to specific maintenance plans.

Please browse through our studio's portfolios to draw inspiration, ideas and enthusiasm for your projects. Or give our team a call on 01730 825650 to discuss how we can turn your ideas into reality with our expert, award-winning garden design services.

Urban gardens

Oasis of calm or cutting edge entertainment space? Just some of the city gardens we've created for clients in London and other cities in the south east.

Country gardens

From idyllic rural retreats to large country estates, our expertise in country garden design delivers garden designs that enhance your home and your grounds, and fully utilise the natural advantages of your surrounding landscape.

Roof gardens

Reclaim your roof space with a garden or terrace that lives 24/7/365. From glass and steel contemporary to leafy retreat, our team can help create a space that'll make you celebrate your lack of garden.

Courtyard gardens

Maximise your living space all year round with a cleverly designed courtyard garden; cool in summer, cosy on winter nights, and an outdoor living space to love all year round.

Edible gardens

Grow your own has never been so popular. Our innovative vegetable garden designs turn your outside space into a feast for eyes and tastebuds all year round by integrating annual and perennial vegetables and edibles into regular planting. Just pick, eat, enjoy.

Swimming Pools and Water

Whether a swimming pool, spa, hot tub, pond, rill or standalone feature we use tried and tested construction techniques to design water features that, depending on your requirements, calm, sooth or excite.

Cutting edge gardens

These are our wow-factor gardens, spaces that amaze, delight and astound friends and family alike. Spaces that take gardening conventions and turn them on their heads to dramatic effect. Gardens that are unique, quirky, fun, breathtaking, and as stylish and characterful as you are.

Listed gardens

Living in a listed building present unique challenges, not least of all when you want to make changes in your garden. And the challenges just get bigger when your garden is also listed, or a scheduled monument - our studio is experienced in dealing with planning departments.

Award-winning show gardens

We are proud to have been awarded medals At RHS Chelsea and Hampton Court, awards that recognise excellence design, planting and imagination.

To discuss how Ann-Marie Powell Gardens can create a garden design that's just right for you, call us, email us or complete our enquiry form. We cover Hampshire, Surrey, West Sussex, and most areas of southern England, plus inner and outer London boroughs. We also undertake international commissions on request.