I have a dream: Stop fantasising about what to do with the garden as spring hoves into view

Never mind the bulbs and blossom – for my money, early spring is the optimum moment for crazy outbreaks of unrealistic garden fantasy. "This year I will grow all my own vegetables for Christmas dinner." "This is just the right moment to build a golden pergola festooned with roses named after my entire family." And my personal favourite: "Ooh, think I might install an outdoor shower-slash-cocktail-bar." The horticultural equivalents of deciding to make a Battenberg cake: great in theory; in practice, bonkers.

Simon and Rachel Perry

Ann-Marie is a fantastic partner in garden design. She has creative and original ideas, but has involved us totally in the design process and made us feel at the centre of the project. Her boundless enthusiasm has made the process great fun and we have learned a lot from her. She has introduced us to her network of partners in landscaping and building works and has worked very well with architects, conservationists and planners that have had responsibility for related areas of the project.

Mike Knapton - British Heart Foundation

Ann-Marie designed and built the BHF Chelsea Garden for out 50th anniversary year 2011. She was a joy to work with and turned the ideas for a 'mending broken hearts garden' into a fantastic reality. Heart health is the key to overall health and the garden was a wonderful naturalistic expression of how to live a heart healthy life, as well and a beautiful place to be and think.

Nancy Boodhoo

Ann-Marie is great fun and a pleasure to work with.
She makes you want to spend all your time in your garden as she makes it so easy.
Ann-Marie has worked on my garden design for the last 3 years and it only gets better.

Mark Hodierne

Ann-Marie has transformed our garden into something wonderful. She came to us with loads of creative ideas and worked positively with all of our contractors to realise her plans.